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About Me

Hi there! My name is Aditya and I am a second-year Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. While I'm not busy studying and completing assignments, I enjoy programming and developing applications.

I was first introduced to the idea of programming in Grade 7, when I had to do an animation project in Macromedia Flash. Eager to differentiate my work from the rest of the class, I looked for ways to enhance my animation. I noticed that one of my friends had a menu before his animation, increasing its interactivity. I approached him and asked him how I could do the same. He then showed me how to create a button and then typed in two lines of code to make the button serve its purpose. I was amazed that a few lines of text could make my animation much more interactive. That day, after I went home, I searched 'programming in flash' in Google. From that day on, I was enamored with programming.

I still program to this day, however I have now expanded my horizons. I am now experienced with Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Furthermore, I have created numerous mobile apps, both for BlackBerry and Android.

Most recently, I worked as a backend developer at Shopify, where I gained extensive experience building scalable systems and working with databases. Another passion of mine is iOS development, which is what I worked on while at Kik and Scotiabank. A few of my iOS projects can be found on Github.

I'm currently looking for a software development internship from September - December 2017. For more information, please check out my resume.



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Aditya Keerthi